I got so scared that I forgot my name (keepmynameout) wrote in lc_riotkids,
I got so scared that I forgot my name

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&&& i just might stop to check you out.

apparently im supposed to introduce my self and post pics.

ich heisse kayla. im a junior at langham. i smoke crack on even numbered days and on odd days, i skank myself about. i have a lot of pride for my school and i would like to take this time to let you people know that there is nothing you can do to stop a lobo from eating you when you poo poo. the power of the lobo is the pack and the power of the pack is the lobo. hahahahaha. wooo. go lobos. hey, arent lobos mexican wolves?

p.s. slip through the creek and next week wear your slippers. wooo. lobos are the best. i love footballl and mainstream. so im guessing this community is not for me.


please note the sarcasm of this entry.
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